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Survey questions on the draft management plan

Welcome to the Sable Island National Park Reserve survey on the Draft Management Plan. In Fall 2018, Parks Canada consulted with Canadians and received approximately 2,096 responses to our request for input. The many thoughtful responses received during this consultation process are a testament to the strong connection Canadians feel for this special place. That feedback helped guide the key priorities developed for Sable Island National Park Reserve's draft management plan. This survey will explore some of these areas in more detail. Information gathered today will help finalize the management plan for the park and shape the future of this iconic offshore island. Following your review of the Draft Management Plan, please complete our short survey.

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete and responses will be kept confidential. 

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The vision presented below expresses the future desired state of Sable Island National Park Reserve in 15 – 20 years. The key elements arose through consultation with Canadians, including the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia, partners and stakeholders at the time of park establishment (2010), and were refined through further consultation and engagement during the development of this park management plan. Far out in the North Atlantic, perched on the edge of the continental shelf, sits a wild and windswept island of sand, its iconic crescent shape seemingly emerging out of nowhere amidst this great expanse of sea. Isolated and remote, this is one of Canada’s furthest offshore islands. The forces of nature dominate all life here, past and present. This is a place to witness change and marvel at the resiliency of life. Sable Island National Park Reserve was established to protect this place, including its unique biodiversity, its storied human history and its wild spirit, and ensures that Sable Island continues to be appreciated and enjoyed by Canadians. Its protection, above all else, is entrusted to Parks Canada, and Parks Canada in turn relies upon the experience and expertise that exist within a diverse community of knowledge holders. It is through this community that Sable Island is understood, protected and appreciated. Building on its legacy as a place for government, non-government, academic and artistic pursuits, the park contributes to the advancement of science and conservation issues of local and global significance, and continues to inspire new perspectives, creations, and connections that have yet to be revealed. The natural and cultural heritage of the Island has been shaped by people, as much as by the dynamic natural forces that govern all life here. People continue to have a place in the park. Here, carefully-managed visitation leaves no trace and supports the protection of the natural and cultural heritage for which the island is valued. It is also a place that is explored from afar. Through innovative use of technology and the help of partners and stakeholders, Sable Island National Park Reserve is accessible from our homes and communities, for all of those who share a curiosity and passion for its fragile yet resilient shores.

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