Hi, I’m Julie Tompa, the Superintendent for the Mainland Nova Scotia Field Unit at Park Canada.
Sable Island is one of Canada’s furthest offshore islands. Its iconic crescent shape and over 500 wild horses have captured the hearts of Canadians and people around the globe. With more than 190 varieties of plants, over 350 reported bird species and the world’s largest breeding colony of grey seals, Sable Island has not only captured our imagination but represents a critical habitat for significant numbers of plants and wildlife. 
As stewards of this unique ecosystem, we are committed to protecting Sable Island while carefully managing opportunities for visitors to experience this special place. The “Let’s Talk Sable Island” public consultations are an opportunity for us learn more about what Canadians value on Sable Island and for your voice to influence the direction set out in the management plan.
To take part, register at “Let’s Talk Sable Island.ca”.